Rotogravure is a type of intaglio printing process, using a metal cylinder form with a mechanically- or laser-engraved image. The ink is deposited on the surface of the cylinder in special cavities (so-called inkwells). In rotogravure printing, the cylinder itself is immersed in an inkwell. As it rotates, the excess ink on the non-printing surface is collected by means of a squeegee. The printing substrate (for example foil) is pressed against the cylinder with a press.

KB FOLIE POLSKA Sp. z o.o. offers rotogravure printing that ensures the highest quality of the printed design. Our 2 rotogravure printers can print up to ten colours. Due to its stability, efficiency and high resolution of the print, rotogravure printing allows to achieve a higher-quality effect compared to other printing techniques for flexible packaging.

Our process lines:

  • Two state-of-the-art rotogravure printers for printing on plastic films and paper
  • 10 printing stations (10 colours)
  • Maximum print width 1300 mm
  • Maximum useable height (cylinder circumference) 920 mm
  • Possibility of applying cold-seal in-line coating (without additional throughfeed)
  • Both lines are configured with a web reversal option on the last printing sections, allowing the application of cold-seal, as well as matt, glossy and other types of coating in total or selective coverage.

We carry out rotogravure printing at our production facility in Brzeziny.
Cylinders for rotogravure printing are prepared by our long-term partner Saueressig Polska, Duchnów branch (formerly Wetzel Processing Group), whose factory is located just a few kilometres from our production facility. The close proximity of both plants eliminates all logistical problems and streamlines the process both for us and our customers.

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