• Depending on customer preferences, we offer rotogravure and flexographic printing on a variety of substrates.
  • This type of packaging is mainly used for fresh food with a short shelf life, frozen food, confectionery and household chemicals.
  • Mono-material films can be refined by adding cold-seal coating, laser cutting, perforations, antifog coating and many other features.
produkty folie mono materiałowe


  • We specialise in the production of multilayer laminates tailored to the specific characteristics of a product. By using a diverse range of materials, our laminates meet individual customer needs and expectations.
  • For the packaging of demanding products such as cheese, cold cuts, fresh meat, fish or ready meals, we offer high-barrier laminates. For some solutions, we offer films with an ‘easy peel’ function for easier opening of the film sealed with the tray.
  • We also produce mono-material laminates suitable for reprocessing.
  • We offer a wide range of recyclable products based on PE, PP or PET. Our polyethylene-based laminates are used on a large scale for packaging soap and other liquid detergents.
products laminates


  • Our packaging line offers comprehensive solutions that guarantee not only safety and hygiene, but also easy transport and storage.
  • We can use our laminates to produce packaging in any size and shape.
  • The laminates can be used for packaging baby food, fruit purees and snacks or pet food. Depending on the type of the packaged products, there is an option to incorporate a closure (standard, velcro, childproof), laser-cut notch for easy opening, a cork or simple sachets.
  • Depending on the specific nature of the packaged product, we select the appropriate four-, three- or two-layer laminates, taking into account the required thermal processing such as pasteurisation or sterilisation.
  • We also produce mono-material PE/PE laminates designed for doypacks for soap and liquid detergents.
ready made packaging


Cold-seal coating application


  • For packaging products that cannot be heat-sealed, we offer cold-seal coated laminates/foils. This solution allows for easier opening and resealing of the packaging. It is most commonly used for the packaging of chocolate, bars, chocolate-covered foods and ice cream.
products cold seal

Laser cutting + perforations


  • We offer our customers the option of laser-finishing of packaging. Laser-cut notches make it easier to open the packaging, without losing the barrier properties.
  • In addition, perforations are used when it is necessary to drain moisture from the packaged product (for example fresh vegetables). Laser perforations not only improve the quality and functionality of packaging, but also make the product look more appealing on supermarket shelves and increase its market value.
produkty nacinka laserowa

Barrier and sealable coatings


  • One of our environmentally-friendly solutions is recyclable paper packaging with sealable coating. It is an alternative to plastic packaging, for such products as tea bags.
  • We also offer a range of oil-, grease- and oxygen-proof barrier papers that can be printed.
  • All our paper packaging solutions are recyclable, as confirmed by independent certification bodies.
produkty powłoki barierowe
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