Our experience, knowledge, modern machine park and measurement devices allow optimal selection of film parameters depending on the product being packaged. We offer high quality color overprints made using FLEXO, HD FLEXO, UV FLEXO technologies in up to 8 colors, and in the case of ROTOGRAVURE – in up to 9 colors. In combination with the best films on the market, we can create duplex, triplex and qutroplex laminates.

High barrier packaging:  

For packaging of highly demanding products, such as cheese, cold meats, fresh meat, fish or finished delicatessen products, we recommend high barrier multilayer films and laminates produced using them. This type of packaging is made of the highest quality PET, PET EVOH, OPA, OPA EVOH, PA, PA/PE, BOPP EVOH, CPP, CPP EVOH, LDPE, LDPE EVOH films and other films.

Thanks to an appropriate combination of raw materials, adhesive and inks, we guarantee a barrier against steam, oxygen, flavorings which translates into optimum product protection and extension of the shelf life of packaged food also applying the MAP technology (modified atmosphere packaging).

Our packaging can also contain other additives, such as e.g. antifog, thanks to which steam does not build up on the packaging.

Our offer also includes PA and PDPE films for thermoform-fill seal packaging (TFFS) and coverslip laminates.

Packaging for bulk and dry food:

In order to achieve the highest quality, barrier and resistance in the packaging of bulk products, such as:

  • tea, coffee, cocoa and chocolate powder;
  • pasta;
  • grain products;
  • salty snacks, delicacies;
  • instant products: jellies, puddings, starch jellies, cakes, soups and others;
  • sugar, salt;
  • breakfast cereals, muesli;

the following laminates are used:

  • PET / Al. / LDPE
  • PET/ PET met / LDPE
  • BOPP / PET met / LDPE
  • BOPP / Al. / LDPE
  • Papier/PE/Al/PE or Al/PE/Papier/LDPE
  • BOPP/BOPP (optionally BOPP metallized, white, pearly white)
  • PET/PE
  • and many others


To pack products prone to dusting, such as cocoa, powdered sugar or any kind of breakfast cereals, we recommend dedicated laminates with among others peel films used for easy opening.

Packaging for food concentrates, aggressive products

For packaging of liquid food concentrates, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salad dressings, toppings, soups, ready meals we offer high barrier laminates based on specialized CPP, LDPE, PET films and aluminum. Depending on the specified product we select appropriately four-, three- or two-layer laminates also taking thermal processes, such as pasteurization or sterilization, into account.

Packaging for the dairy and fat industry

For the fat and dairy industry apart from the laminates mentioned in the section entitled “High barrier film” we also offer multi-layer laminates based on aluminum foil, paper, polyethylene and waxes. Our packaging protects your products against leakage of fat, UV radiation, harmful effects of water and volatile substances. All this perfectly extends the shelf life of the packaged products.

Packaging for the confectionery industry

Depending on the packaged assortment, we offer mono films as well as laminates for individual or collective packaging. The basic raw materials used in the industry are polypropylene, transparent, opaque, metallized, white and pearly-white films in different combinations. Upon the Customer’s request we offer films with applied “COLD SEAL” adhesive for cold sealing.

For packaging of chocolate products we offer aluminum foil and laminates based on it.

For packaging of all types of candies we offer twist films based on the following synthetic materials: transparent, white and metallized PE, PET and PVC.

Packaging for frozen food

For packaging of frozen food (vegetables, fruits, mixes, gourmet food, etc.) we offer mono films and laminates based on LDPE, BOPP and PET film.

For packaging of ice-cream we also recommend printed laminates and polypropylene mono films with the “COLD SEAL” application.

Packaging for the chemical and cosmetic industry

For this industry we offer a wide range of laminates to package bulk, dusting and liquid products. They guarantee tight sealing of the product and protect it against adverse effects of external factors. The structure of laminates is based on the following films: aluminum, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester as well as on paper and a layer of polyethylene or its copolymers applied extrusively. Adequately selected packaging protects the product against rapid aging.

Labels on drinks

For the Customers from the drink industry we offer mono films based on BOPP in the transparent, white, metallized and pearly white versions.


Using our laminates, we also create ready packaging in any sizes and shapes, such as SACHETS, DOYPACKS, BAGS in the following versions:

1. Sachets:

  • in any shape
  • double
  • with a euro hole
  • with a zipper
  • stick
  • with a stopper
  • peel strip

  • Doypacks:

  • without a stopper
  • with a ziploc
  • with a stopper, with a euro hole
  • in any shape
  • with a handle

3. Bags:

  • stabilo / lateral fold
  • flat
  • peel strip
  • with a valve


In comparison to traditional glass or plastic packaging or cans, ready bags, sachets or doypacks are distinguished by:

  • ease of use,
  • easy opening / tearing / dosage
  • lower production and distribution costs
  • less packaging waste in the environment