KB Folie Polska offers print in rotogravure technology ensuring the highest quality of the printed project. Due to its high resolution, rotogravure allows the quality effect to be achieved which is not possible to achieve using any other printing technique in the case of flexible packaging.
Customers of KB Folie Polska who choose print in rotogravure technology ensure that their products have the highest class packaging concerning aesthetics. Rotogravure printing is realized at our production plant in Brzeziny.

Safety of our Customers is a fundamental value for us, therefore for many years we have ensured flexibility of supplies which is not achievable for the competition in the rotogravure segment. As a result of constant interest in rotogravure print of long-term and new Customers we decided to implement an investment which ensures the best quality of print and timely deliveries. In 2013 we purchased a new rotogravure machine manufactured by a renowned company – Cerutti. The investment allowed us to reach a new level of production and it constitutes security in the form of the second machine for Customers who trusted us. Currently, our rotogravure facilities include two printers:

  • Cerutti R980: 9-color rotogravure machine, print width 1300mm
  • Windmoller & Holscher: 8-color rotogravure machine, print width 1000mm

Cerutti R980 and Windmoller & Holscher rotogravure printers are equipped with the electronic register system, web control and Eltromat cameras. Application of rotogravure print control systems allows unity of project print parameters to be maintained from the first to the last piece of produced printed packaging. The automatic register control corrects all deviations in synchronization in the applied colors in real time. The web control system allows optimum parameters to be maintained, adjusted to the printed surface, such as: OPP, OPP MET, PET, PET MET, BOPA, paper and twist films.

An additional advantage of the Cerutti rotogravure machine is the electrostatic assist system in all 9 sections, which is extremely important for substrates with uneven surfaces. It is worth mentioning that Cerutti R980 is configured in the option to reverse the web on the last printing section which allows the cold seal application as well as application of mat and glossy varnishes for total or selective covering. The efficient drying and ventilation system in rotogravure print is ensured by long drying tunnels and double venting chambers for the first and last sections thanks to which the problem of solvent retention does not exist. In this option it is possible to refresh and improve surface tension on any surface before applying an ink using the Mero activator. The latest machine in our machine park of the rotogravure printing house has a system of removable cylinder and ink carts allowing 80% of the activities related to the project configuration for printing outside the line.

Wetzel Processing Group, with which we have cooperated for many years, is responsible for preparing cylinders for rotogravure printing; their plant is only 4 km away from our production plant. Close location of both plants solves all logistic problems and constitutes additional protection for us and our Customers.