Flexo UV

Flexographic UV printing is a technique which involves curing the ink with UV radiation. This method allows the highest quality of print to be achieved. FLEXO UV constitutes one of three basic printing technologies available in the offer of KB FOLIE POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

KB Folie Polska, as the only printing house in Poland, offers printing of flexible packaging in three technologies. Apart from machines allowing application of flexographic and rotogravure printing techniques, we also have a Soma Mini machine which preserves the ink applying UV radiation. Alternative printing technologies ensure the best flexibility on the market and guarantee service of the entire range of flexible packaging our Customers have. Adjusting ourselves to the market expectations we offer support and technological consulting in order to select the optimum printing technology.

Customers of KB Folie Polska who choose flexo UV printing, receive their product with excellent color reproduction and saturation. Due to its features, the UV ink is applied as a dry mass without any solvents, thanks to which it is very stable on the ink dot. Our long-term Customers also willingly choose UV ink printing on absorbent surfaces such as paper and laminates applying lamination using a one-ingredient adhesive. Thickness of the applied UV ink ensure excellent optical covering in the case of materials with a porous structure. It is worth highlighting that the standard ruling at KB Folie Polska for UV polymers is 150lpi.

Thanks to the application of such a high ruling, the printed project has a resolution which gives packaging exceptional depth of tones, contrasts and aesthetic appearance. Modern flow aniloxes with engraving parameters such as 470l/3.5 ensure precise application of the ink for delicate halftones. A low value of ink dot gain and excellent coloration cause that flexo UV technology can meet expectations of the most demanding Customers.

Printing with UV inks is realized at our production plant in Brzeziny using the following machine:
- Soma Flex Mini - UVG: 8-color flexo machine, print width - 800m