Quality control system

KB FOLIE POLSKA Sp. z o.o. created a complex and demanding quality control system. Thanks to the system we are able to control production standards of all projects offered by us as well as materials and components being used.

Tested parameters:

  • color compliance with the standard
  • material width
  • material thickness
  • activation
  • ink adhesion
  • photocell repeatability
  • bar code readability
  • visual assessment
  • cutting width
  • beam compatibility code
  • weldability
  • ice test
  • polymerization
  • adhesive basis weight
  • lamination force test
  • SNIFFT test
  • frictional force


Control and Measurement Equipment at the Laboratory:

  • Testing machine by ZWICK with an attachment to test the coefficient of friction
  • Gas chromatograph HP 4890D
  • Spectrometer SPECORD 50
  • Barcode Verifier
  • Welder
  • Heat chamber
  • Analytical balance
  • Thickness meters and activation testers

We cooperate closely with the COBRO Laboratory ordering migration tests in the accredited entity.

It is possible to perform special tests upon the Customer’s request.