Environmental dimension

KB FOLIE POLSKA Sp. z o.o. conducts production activities in the field of overprints on flexible packaging made of synthetic materials. An environment management system compliant with ISO 14001 international standard was implemented at the company.

For many years the company’s activities have been conducted taking the protection of natural environment into account, and in particular reduction of emissions of pollution from technological processes into the air and minimization of the negative impact of generated waste, including hazardous waste.

Activities in the field of printing flexible packaging conducted by the Company generate both emission of pollution into the air as well as post-production waste, however application of appropriate printing machines, printing materials and technical infrastructure, as well as skillful planning of the production process “from the order to the final product” allowed us to reduce the negative impact of the packaging production technological process on the natural environment to a minimum.

To produce packaging we use among others SOMA Midi machines, which in practice use the most modern technological solutions in packaging production which allows reduction of post-production waste as well as emission of pollutants (mainly volatile organic compounds) into the air. Additionally, our use of technical infrastructure, including e.g. the ventilation system of the machines and the production hall equipped with devices limiting emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment, additionally reduces the emissions of pollutants.

Another matter is the process of waste management at the plant, including post-production waste. An efficient system for segregation of post-production waste and secondary materials (mainly synthetic materials), which are forwarded for further management to external companies involved with waste recycling, has been functioning for many years. While hazardous waste, e.g. a contaminated solvent, is forwarded for regeneration and reused in the production process, e.g. to clean the machines. The above actions aim at reduction of generated waste in the environment by seeking their reuse.

The subject of environmental protection at KB FOLIE POLSKA has been present for many years mostly at the level of practical activities. The Company has all the necessary permits and administrative decisions in the field of provisions concerning environmental protection (permit for emissions of pollutants into the air, permit to produce waste), however practical actions constitute strength and potential of the company concerning implementation of the matter of environmental protection in daily activities. Systematic training of employees as well as skillful planning of the production process which apart from aspects related to the product quality and profit from sales also takes the impact of the technological process on the natural environment into account, help to achieve this purpose.

Fulfillment of requirements of environmental protection in formal and practical aspects is confirmed by positive results of audits (including professional audits conducted by external entities acting upon request of the Company’s Customers) as well as controls conducted by the state administration bodies (e.g. Inspectorate for Environmental Protection). Both auditors and controllers highlight the fact that we take the matters of environmental protection into account in the activities of our Company as well as matters related to final product quality and financial profit from sales as positive.

Summarizing, the long-term process conducted by KB FOLIE POLSKA of implementing the matters related to protection of the natural environment into the production and service activities of the Company as well as systematic improvement of the environment management process compliant with ISO 14001 standard, resulted in the fact that environmental protection has become an inseparable part of the daily activities of the Company both at the management level as well as at the level of junior staff. Considering the above, we can say that in the times of increasingly stringent environmental regulations (which result from among others transposition of EU directives onto the national ground) KB FOLIE POLSKA can optimistically look into the future and undertake new business challenges as a company with great awareness in the field of environmental protection.